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How To Prevent Hair Loss Before It Starts

How To Prevent Hair Loss Before It Starts

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There are few common periods and ages when the hair starts falling.It happens with everyone, but sometimes it happens at very young age when it shouldn’t. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. Let’s find out how to prevent hair loss before it starts and what you have to do if you are already facing it.

10 ways to prevent hair loss

There are thousands of reasons and factors that make your hair shedding. Some of them are very common around women but also very easy to avoid. A few of them are:

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy / Birth
  • Bad habits
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • Wrong hair tools and products
  • Diet
  • Disease

If pregnancy or stress is the reason behind hair losing, remember that is only temporary. Generally, it’s only for 6 months that you may notice hair loss because of pregnancy. After that it will decrease, so you don’t need to worry much about it.

I personally experienced this. I had so healthy hair before I got pregnant. Also, hair started falling during breastfeeding. Actually my doctor told me that my beautiful curly hair won’t be like that after the baby. She was right but I still managed to get it normal after the first year. So, there is always a solution to the problem.

In case you are in stress, I wanna ask you to find something to do throughout a day, to spend most of your time in your comfort zone. You may love listening to music, reading books, shopping, walking, being with your friends or family (or both). You just need to discover which one is your THING. Believe me, you will be Ok!

prevent hair loss before it starts

By the way, there are so many people that look prettier without hair as well. So, if there is any reason like disease or age, don’t make yourself believe that you are not beautiful. You are very pretty, how you look, you just need more confidence in yourself. That’s it! Without confidence, it’s hard to look happy, and if you are not happy none of the hairstyles or outfits will make you perfect. Keep that in mind!

Now, let me share 10 ways on how to prevent hair loss easily.

1. Don’t brush your hair too often

If there is a chance that you don’t actually brush your hair, do it. Because brushing is the process that makes your hair thinner. Especially if you are doing it at the wrong time, with a wrong brush and with the wrong steps.

prevent hair loss before it starts

What I mean at the wrong time?! I mean that you should only brush your hair before a shower. It is the best time to do it. Some people are brushing their hair during a shower and that’s also ok, but it’s better to do it with only your fingers. Because you can’t damage hair scalps with your fingers.

Wrong brush? There are so many of them that we are using. But there is also an ultimate brush that is PERFECT for every type of hair. It is a wooden hair comb that has many advantages. Like, it promotes hair growth by massaging the hair scalps. Also, it conditions hair while it distributes natural oils to your hair scalps and keeps them soft and conditioned. And one more thing, it doesn’t create a static. You can find the one I’ve got on Amazon.

2. Take enough water during a day

I hope you already know how important water is for our bodies. It is the most needed material for us. Not only for hair but also for skin, and nails. There are some cool apps that remind you to drink enough water according to your weight and calories you are getting throughout a day.

3. Eat healthy food

prevent hair loss before it starts by maridfashion

You need to have a feed ration that contains nutrients that are good for hair. I am gonna talk about this more later in the post, but I wanna tell you what are the best and the most useful materials for healthy hair.

  • Biotin
  • Vitamin D, E, C
  • Iron
  • Omega 3

4. Don’t use too many products on your hair

I know so many people who are using different oils, shampoos, conditioners, home remedies and etc on hair. That is too much for hair. It needs to breathe, like all the other things. So, find products that you really need and use them but also let your hair “have a rest”. I mean, yes you can still use those products but have at least 2-3 days a week when you don’t use anything on your hair.

Check out my post about the best hair growth products to find which ones really work.

5. Choose the right towel

It’s better to use an old t-shirt than a regular towel. Did you know it? Yeah, because regular towels have harsh fibers in the material and that can cause damage to your hair. Another way you can get a microfiber towel and use it for drying your hair after wash.

Along with a choosing the right towel, you need to also make sure you are drying your hair without damaging it. 80% of women do it in a wrong way, they are doing twisting, squeezing, putting it up in the towel turban, etc. Those are all wrong, of course only if you want to have healthy, soft hair. In fact you just need to do a little patting and gently squeezing in your hair and wait for it to dry naturally without any pressure.

6. Don’t wash your hair too often or too seldom

There are some things that happens while your hair is wet. First thing it does is that it becomes very heavy. So, it tug at your roots. By the time it makes your hair folicles weaken and it may cause hair fall. Second thing is that when you are getting shower, your hair is stretching by 30% and that makes your hair vulnerable to breakage. That’s the reason why you DON’T HAVE TO brush your hair while it’s wet.

Washing your hair very rarely is another thing that may cause your hair loss. Why? Because when you are not washing your hair too long, hair shafts getting clogged up with dirt and also all those natural oils. In this case, none of the nutrients can get to your hair follicles.

I am trying to say that you should find your own duration when you should wash your hair. But don’t last it more than 7 days. So, you definitely need to take a shower once a week.

7. Do a massage on your hair

Blood circulation promotes hair growth. So, what you can do is do a massage on your hair scalps. You can do it by moving your fingers in circles into your hair roots. It makes the blood circulation better and that way you are gonna prevent future hair loss as well.

8. Don’t wear too tight hairstyles

I know how cute a high ponytail looks. But wearing the same tight hairstyle for a long time also makes your follicles weak and get them to fall out later. It’s better to wear more loose, messy hairstyles that help your hair take a rest.

Choosing the right hairband is also pretty important. It’s better to do a hairstyle with a loose hair scrunchie because it gently ties up your hair and also keeps it undamaged. You can find some cute hair scrunchie hairstyles for all types of hair in my article.

9. Twisting your hair

I am gonna cry now ((( I actually didn’t know this before I researched about the topic. I am the one who always twisting and twisting my hair all the time, especially when I talk to someone. Also while I am walking (( Oh god! Yeah I am doing it really all the time.

If you are like me, we are together but we are doing a big pull on our hair. Let’s make ourselves to avoid doing that to be able to have healthier hair.

10. Protect your hair from damaging by heat

Whether you are using a hairdryer or flat iron, you need to use a product that protects your hair from heat. Because damaging the hair will make it breakable and they will fall out at the end. Personally I use Le Petit Olivier’s hair spray that makes hair smooth and soft and also has a good smell. You can check it out here on their official website.

Keratin is the most common hair procedure that women try on them. But is it really worth it? And actually, should you use it? You should know some things about it and you can find them in my older post on keratin hair treatment pros and cons.

Does Omega 3 prevent hair loss?

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is very needed for our body. As doctors and actually dermatologists are saying you need to take and supplement at least 1k milligrams of Omega 3 a day.

Yes, Omega 3 prevents hair loss and also makes us be at a lower risk of getting cancer, heart disease, and also it even boosts brain function and mood as well.

You can get Omega 3 by eating the fishes and other products that contain this acid. But no every fish has enough amount of Omega 3 to get it from them. As I found, salmon and sardines are the ones that can be a perfect source for getting Omega 3 acids throughout a day.

Prevent hair loss with oils

There are five most known and useful oils that are very good for hair. They feed out hair scalps and makes it look healthier.

I personally used to get coconut oil on my hair, but it got my hair too oily and I needed to wash it every day and that is not good for the hair. So, I stopped using it. But if you have dry hair try one of these and you will see the results very soon. It’s better to leave it overnight and then wash your hair in the morning.

So these are top 5 that you can and should try on your hair:

  • Castor oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Cypress oil
  • Carrot seed oil.

10 foods to prevent hair loss

prevent hair loss before it starts by maridfashion

It doesn’t matter you decide to take hair growth supplements or eating healthy food that prevents hair loss. They both will work well for you. But you can naturally get all of the vitamins and proteins from food, without getting any pills.

There are 10 best foods to avoid hair thinning and falling. They all are packed with vitamins like A, B (Biotins), and C and iron as well. All of these helps your hair growth and prevents it from falling.

  • Eggs – contains proteins and biotin as well
  • Salmon – Omega 3
  • Nuts – are packed by vitamin B, E and also with zinc
  • Avocado – vitamin E
  • Sweet potatoes – helps for sebum production
  • Strawberries – contains vitamin C which aids collagen and iron absorption
  • Spinach – packed with iron and vitamin A and C
  • Cucumber – contains a great amount of nutrient silica. It builds collagen in our skin and hair as well. But that’s not everything, it is the best material for the overall elasticity
  • Sweet peppers – vitamin A, C
  • Oysters – it is a product that is rich with zinc. That helps hair to grow.

There are definitely other foods that also helps to have a healthy hair. But those are the main ones that work for it.

That’s all for today! I hope it’s helpful for you. If you’ve got any questions you can DM me on Instagram and also don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. You can find my other useful posts about different topics.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day <3

prevent hair loss before it starts

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