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Best Black Jeans Outfit Ideas You Must Definitely Try

Best Black Jeans Outfit Ideas You Must Definitely Try

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We all have one pair of black jeans in our wardrobe. Actually, it`s my favorite piece to wear every day. I feel very comfy with it.

Not only that but it also makes it easy to create looks with different tops and jackets. Btw, that works if you wear the right things with it.

And today I am gonna share ideas for outfits with black jeans. Plus, you are gonna know more useful things like what colors you can wear with black jeans, what jacket or tops go with them and so on.

So, let`s get it started without getting things complicated. By the way, you know I am not an expert or anything like that. But since I enjoy following fashion things, trends, and tips, I have researched a lot for this.

So, you are gonna get tips based on experts’ advice and also some from my personal experience as well.

What looks good with black skinny jeans?

Black + black top or jacket/coat

That works every time, yes every time you try. Black outfits with black jeans are a pretty awesome way out if you don`t have so many different things in your wardrobe.

The first reason behind that is the thing that black color looks so elegant on every type of body shape.

That will take us to the second reason which is that. Black clothes make you way slimmer than you really are.

Personally, that’s why I love it.

outfits with black jeans

Make outfits with black jeans stylish and different

How you are gonna supposed to do that? What I meant by that is the thing you should mix things up. You can do this by wearing a suede jacket or shoes with black denim jeans.

That will make your look more different and stylish. Actually, always try to wear various types of material at a time. But don`t go too far.

outfits with black jeans

Don`t forget your leather jacket

After the suede, you need to make sure you have at least one leather jacket in your wardrobe to wear it with a pair of black jeans. This combination also looks very modern and gorgeous.

Especially that`s very comfy to wear in spring and fall. This is when wearing a leather jacket really makes sense.

outfits with black jeans

Put oversized sweater with black jeans

Take your favorite oversized sweater (or just a top) from your wardrobe, tuck it in your black jeans and you are more than ready to go. This is my personal favorite way to create outfits with black jeans. And I am sure you have many types of tops to have several looks. So, that`s another big plus for you as well.

Btw, if you wonder for more ideas about how you can wear oversized sweaters, check out my post.

outfits with black jeans

Crop top outfits with black jeans if it`s high-waisted

Actually, I think, I already said what I wanted to say. It doesn`t need any extra explanation but still, I have to tell you something.

If you don`t have high-waisted black jeans in your wardrobe you are missing a very important piece. These are the pairs that I think never go out of the trend. So, you need to have at least one.

But if you already have one, go and search for a new crop top. Don`t be scared when you hear that.

I know not everyone has a perfect body, but if you choose the right high-waisted jeans, crop tops will not show anything extra.

So, dont worry too much about it. Just give it a try.

outfits with black jeans

Outfits with black jeans and a blazer

That`s my other favorite way to wear black jeans. I tried it just once to check how it looked and after that, I just can`t miss the opportunity to wear them together again.

For example, my blazer is a classy, very bright color, something between yellow and green. And it really pairs with my black jeans perfectly.

Here is the example with black jeans and a blazer. Not a green one but still, you already can understand what I mean and how it looks.

outfits with black jeans

Time for the bomber jacket

Yeah, that`s another very casual and comfy way to create outfits with black jeans.

It can be any style because jeans and jackets both are part of the same dress code (casual). But you need to watch out for colors, and I am gonna cover that for you as well.

outfits with black jeans

Black jeans and a printed coat

If you are a woman who loves coats, you are lucky. Because this is another stylish way to put with black jeans. Especially that works if your pair of pants are skinny jeans.

What about the coat pattern? Well, it already depends on you.

I personally love leopard print coats. And they are almost always trending, in every season.

So, you can try to create a stunning look with it.

If not, try to choose simple printed coats.

They pair with black jeans very well. I can`t say the same about huge print coats, they are just not OK. Keep it simple and elegant.

outfits with black jeans

And last but not least, add a cardigan for layering

Yup. You should definitely try this.

But if you wonder, long cardigans will do the best job for you. Either knit or crochet cardigans, that doesn`t matter so much.

But again, make it the most simple and you are ready to go.

outfits with black jeans

What Jacket Goes With Black Jeans

Since I already mentioned some jackets above, let me show you them with examples. I tried to search for them from online stores so that you can check them out later if you wish.

Outfits With Black Jeans + Fleece Jacket

I love how simple this outfit is. And this fleece jacket (“teddy coat”) is really comfy to wear in every season.

But you need a jacket in cold weather and that`s OK if you have at least one jacket like this in your closet. If you do, here you go… I`ve got you a new idea of how to use it.

But if you don`t have one yet, luckily I found similar jackets for you. Believe me, you are gonna love them.

A bomber jacket that I already mentioned above

Here are some bomber jackets that I think go very well with black jeans.

The perfect colors are black, or dark green. But if you don`t wear anything patterned and textured, you should look for something more unique.

That way you will look more different and chic as well.

You Know What Leather Jackets Can Do

The leather jacket is an already very famous trend in fashion. So, a lot of people already wear it almost every day. I hope you are the one too.

That`s why I said, you know what a leather jacket can do.

It can make you look modern, stylish, chic, elegant, and comfy as well. And it goes with black jeans, so why don`t have to try them right now?!

Simple top+blazer+black jeans

That`s another and my favorite way to complete the look with black jeans. The right style and pattern blazer will make you look like a celebrity or a fashion model.

Ok, I am kidding but I really love that style. And I think blazers will become a huge trend in upcoming years. So, why you should miss it?

Here are some of my recommendations for blazers to wear with black jeans.

Denim Jacket And Black Jeans

outfits with black jeans

Sometimes wearing clothes with the same materials doesn`t look good at all. For example, leather pants (leggings), leather tops, leather jackets, and leather shoes.

Agree with me, that`s not really a good idea.

However, it isn`t the same for denim. Because you can wear a denim jacket with your black jeans without any problem. No one will see anything wrong with your look.

Another way, it looks so cute, depending on its style and color again. The black denim jacket is also ok, but I think you should try something unusual. Like khaki, brown, blue, white, and green colors.

Coats are also the best pieces to wear with black jeans

I think I mentioned all types of jackets to wear with black jeans. Because if you know what are the right things, you can easily create stunning looks with all of these pieces. But yeah, some things need to be considered.

I also mentioned which types of coats work well for you with black jeans. I just wanna recommend some of them here as well.

What colors look good with black jeans?

And here comes the most useful part you should definitely read. What are the colors that work with black jeans? Let me answer the question right away.

Actually, I created a presentation for you to understand easily. I hope you will find it helpful.

outfits with black jeans
outfits with black jeans
outfits with black jeans
outfits with black jeans
outfits with black jeans
outfits with black jeans

And that`s it for today. I hope you read something useful from my post. Anyway, thanks for reading. <3

Also, if you have a few more seconds, do me a favor for me.

Follow me on Pinterest and (DM me) to share some ideas about how you actually wear black jeans. I appreciate learning tips from you as well.

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