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7 Steps to Do Perfect Makeup for Natural Look

7 Steps to Do Perfect Makeup for Natural Look

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Do you wanna know tips on how to do makeup for a natural look every day? You should know, I am a woman who never had makeup on.

But lately, I got makeup gifts and I had to start out researching some. I had no idea how to make it work (lol). I am not an expert either now. But after finding some good hacks, I`m here to share them with you too. <3

Start From The Base

Yeah. That`s a pretty easy tip to guess. But I really never did that, before I read anything about makeup rules.

I mean, you need to let your skin be ready for wearing so many things on your face.

You can do it by moisturizing your skin. Creating the perfect base for your makeup is very important. Moisturizer helps your skin to get well-hydrated and also will prevent getting old early.

makeup for natural look

Well, there are many places where you can buy a good moisturizer cream. But if you wonder about my personal advice, I am using Caudalie`s skin moisturizer. You can buy it in a Sephora store or you can order it on Amazon as well.

Glow Your Skin Using These

Nobody has perfect skin. But if you are the one, you are quite lucky. For others who got to hide something on their face, conceal or primer is the greatest choice. Conceal is a sort of foundation, which will assist you to cover dark circles, blemishes, acne, or whatever problem you have. Your skin will look smooth and clean while using it.

Primer is a little bit different thing. While a foundation covers every bad detail, the primer has the ability to close open pores, and that way your skin will glow.

Since I`ve not tried any of them, I am not gonna recommend any products.

Btw, I am using a very small amount of foundation. Just to hide some details I don`t like on my skin. Currently, I have the Maybelline liquid foundation. And I have to tell you, it`s really doing its job perfectly. You can check more details about it here.

Let Your Skin Contours Show

After you have your skin moisturized and foundation on, you ought to concentrate on your face contours. NYX professional contour stick will do this well for you. And this image will assist you to use the most important contours on your face properly.

makeup for natural look

Don`t forget your eyelashes

Some people have long eyelashes but some people don`t. So we can use mascara to achieve our goal. The goal is to have longer eyelashes. My personal favorite product is L’Oreal Paris lash mascara. It gives eyelashes more volume. And yeah, eyes are the most impressive in your makeup look.

Makeup For a Natural Look With Eyeshadows

Personally, I am not using any eyeshadow pallete for now. But believe me, it has a strong role in your makeup look. Even one little black or brown line can change everything.

There are many types of natural eyeshadow colors and pallets, so you can try them.

Natural colors depend on your eye color.

The main hack here is to try to apply one or two-tone darker shades on your eyes. If you use more dark tones, the look will be dramatic and not natural at all.

Have a Little Touch With Your Lips

What you can do with your lips? Well, you should start looking for more natural colors for your lips as well. Like pinks, peaches, or sand colors. Or else you can search and find the best match color for your lips, as I already did. I chose a very very light tone of red 🙂 and I love it.

Don`t use eyeliner

If you are trying to do makeup for a natural look, don`t use eyeliner. This dark line above your eyes creates a completely different look. Your eye shape is going to be unusual. That doesn`t fit with natural in the least.

Here is the result of using these hacks on myself. Tell me what you think in the comments. Don`t forget to follow me on Pinterest and show me your results as well.

Sharing is caring!