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How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings – Tips for All Ages

How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings – Tips for All Ages

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Have you ever thought about the piece that you can wear every day? I am sure you did.

But if you didn’t, you should know that’s leggings. Well yeah, it is really a must-have item in your wardrobe. The thing is, you don’t know exactly how to wear this cozy piece when you are outside.

Especially, faux leather leggings are a big problem. Not so big, but I have seen people avoid buying it because they are afraid of wearing it in public. But today, I share how you can solve this problem.

First of all, you have to know leggings are for all women of any age. I know you think, how I am supposed to wear faux leather leggings when I don’t have a perfect body shape. You think the wrong way. And I hope I will be able to change your thoughts about it in this post.

Now, let’s get into it.

What to wear with faux leather leggings

Get your long tunics out of your wardrobe

The best thing that pairs with leggings is a long tunic or sweater.

Most commonly, faux leather leggings are black in color. That color works best for looking slimmer than you actually are.

I am sure you knew it before, right? But you don’t always need to look like you are going to a funeral. Instead, try to add a shiny color to your legging outfit. You need to be careful with this as well.

faux leather leggings

Don’t look like a movie star

That’s too much. I know I said you should add a shiny color to black leather leggings but don’t overstate. Faux leather leggings look shiny, so adding denim, knit sweater, or fleece with warm colors is a great idea.

Faux leather leggings + Blazer

Oh, you have no idea how am I in love with this style. Leggings are not regular pants.

So, you need a little more careful with them. No matter what color blazer you have in your closet. Wear it with faux leather leggings and I guarantee you’ll look so stylish.

Plus you can wear a cozy sweater underneath, and you are even ready to go to work. Yeah, that outfit is kind of more business style. Feel free to wear it at the office.

Black is just an awesome

In spite of wearing shiny colors with black leather leggings is a great idea, don’t forget the thing that you can still wear black tops with them.

Personally, I almost always wear black, don’t know why. Maybe because I feel much more comfortable in it.

That’s not necessary but if you would like to have one more option to wear faux leather leggings, that’s a very good choice.

Play better with styles

Leggings are often tight on your body. So, you can create a more layered outfit by adding an oversized sweater. Or else ruffle detailed tops or tunics are another smart option to this.

Faux leather leggings and a boyfriend shirt

This is the cutest way to create an outfit with leggings.

Plus it’s very comfy for those who like to wear leggings at the office. That’s more than just perfect when you feel comfortable while working.

If you are looking to add something special to the look, think about layering. For example, you may have a cute, stylish vest in your wardrobe. Try it with leather leggings. If it’s the right color, you are ready to go.

Don’t have a whole look in leather, please

A leather jacket is very useful in fall or spring, even in winter. It’s a very good-looking and modern piece in the fashion industry.

But if you are going to wear it with your leather leggings, you are standing on the wrong path.

Mixing things is the right thing to do, in this case. Don’t ever try to create a look with a leather top, leather leggings, and a leather jacket. Even in writing, it seems so weird.

Just look at yourself wearing them in the mirror and let me know what you think, in the comments below.

Mix things up

I mean, add other textures to your leather legging outfit. Maybe that’s a denim jacket or fur vest, no matter what. They both go well with faux leather leggings.

And it’s a pretty easy outfit to wear while walking around the town.

What about a poncho?

Do you have it? I am sure you do.

So you can create another stylish and cozy outfit with it. Find a solid color top in your wardrobe, add a poncho and shoes and you have your desired outfit with faux leather leggings and a poncho.

Which Shoes Pairs Well With Leather Leggings?

There should be an easy answer to that question – everything. But that’s not right at all. I would love to read your suggestions in the comments about it.

Casual sneakers

Personally my favorite one. There is not nothing more suitable than a pair of sneakers.

They are not only for leather leggings, but they are also a perfect choice for all styles of leggings.

High-knee boots

That one is most commonly used in Winter. The thing is it looks so damn chic both together. Especially try wearing this whole outfit like faux leather leggings, high-knee boots, and a poncho from above. Ughhh… I can’t imagine the look better way.

Flats and flats

The most important thing I wanna say is that high heels are not the best way to complete a legging outfit. Instead, you should find more flat-heeled shoes. Sandals, boots, ankle boots – that already depends on the current season and weather.

Heels in case …

… you are wearing a shirt or more classic style top or trench coat above. Or even a blazer. That way it seems everything is in the right place with heels. You know generally, leggings are considered casual, and wearing them with high heels every time is not a very good idea. So keep that in mind.

Which accessories do you need to complete your look

You don’t need to be overbroad with accessories, so let me share the most clever ideas with you.

Well. That depends on what you are wearing above with your leather leggings. Actually, when I started thinking about it, the first idea that came to my mind was a wide-brim hat.

Then I found some pictures with it and I am just in love with it.

Another smart decision here is to wear a handbag or backpack with faux leather leggings. Plus if you are more like a businesswoman, it would be a helpful touch for you as well.

I said don’t overbroad your outfit with accessories. But a bangle bracelet or a statement necklace won’t make any trouble. Just some of them (ha).

So, that’s it for today. Oops, I almost forgot to say.

I promised that it would be helpful for all ages, so if you are more than 40, 50, or whatever, you should know, that these tips work for all ages. But if you need extra tips, here you go.

Try to buy dark-colored faux leather leggings. They will make you feel more confident and slim as well.

And also wear a cardigan or sweater, which is how long it needs to be. I mean don’t wear short sweaters or other tops. Instead, choose a long cardigan and dress it in your comfy leggings.

If you are still thinking that your age matters for wearing leggings, let me show you one of the famous celebrities who is more than 40 years old. She still looks so damn chic in faux leather leggings as well.

faux leather leggings

If you have any other outfit ideas with leather leggings please, leave a comment below. Also if you want to see the posts like this, on my blog about another piece of clothing, let me know.

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And if you decide that you are ready to try on those amazing outfits, read my post about trusted online stores where you can order anything right now.

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