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Summer Dressing for Wedding Guest – Women’s Fashion Outfits

Summer Dressing for Wedding Guest – Women’s Fashion Outfits

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Summer dressing for wedding guest is really great thing to talk about. So, let’s do it!

Did you get an invite to a wedding for the summer? You may have some ideas already, but let me help you with some more things that you need to consider.

Summer dressing for a wedding guest is pretty fun. You can try different things for different ceremonies.

Dresses are an easy way to create a cute look in summer for a guest, compared to other seasons. Because you need a beautiful gown and that’s all.

You are ready to go, but if you are looking for more different fashion outfits, this guide will definitely help you.

What should you wear to a summer wedding?

I think the best choice for a summer wedding is a gown. Styling depends on you, but still, if you wanna look modern go for printed dresses.

Also, you should try on formal, floral print, and pastel-colored gowns. Stylish suits or pants are also great ways to try on as well.

fashion outfits

That’s my short answer to your question, but let me explain some more things. This is an example that you can use to create a similar look.

And believe me, this one is the easiest way to stand out from other wedding guests with your outfit.

wedding dresses
fashion outfits

A cute skirt and top will also surely make your wedding outfit very stylish and different as well.

You might want to try a skirt that falls above the knee to enhance your look. It’s always great to feel confident and get some extra attention.

That’s what we love.

The next option is definitely wedding dresses, I mean the gowns for wedding guests. Not a bride dress (lol).

This is the most common piece that women’s wedding guests are wearing.

Here are some cute examples for inspiration before I recommend actual products to you.

Now it’s time to share my recommendations for wedding dresses.

Since ruffle sleeves and details are coming fast to the fashion industry, you should consider wearing one as a wedding guest in the summer.

You can check dresses similar to what I recommend on my special Pinterest board. You can go here!

Tulle wedding dresses are another option for you if you’d like to not only look cute and stylish but also be in a comfy and modern outfit for a whole ceremony.

You can’t miss wearing floral print wedding guest dresses too. As you already know, this is the trend that has been for several years and still stays very trending.

So, why should you not try it?

Vintage summer dressing for a wedding guest is also a clever way to go to a summer wedding. This is all about celebrating classical style and fashion.

But you definitely need to understand where are you going first.

I mean, if you are going to the vintage-inspired wedding ceremony, then it’s OK. You do not have any problems going shopping for vintage wedding dresses.

Let me share some useful tips here as well. The most related fabric to vintage is definitely lace. So, go for it.

And another thing, it’s about the length.

Vintage dresses commonly are midi-length. So, it should finish between the knee and the ankle. If you can’t understand exactly what I mean, here are some images for inspiration.

And if you wanna check out some similar vintage dresses, don’t forget to take a look at my Pinterest board. I have gathered all my recommended wedding dresses for summer there.

wedding dresses fashion outfits for summer wedding

You can also go for a more formal summer wedding guest dress if you wish. To look more classy it’s a perfect option. Look for a dress with minimal, or without any print.

But make sure to add some accessories to complete your look. That’s maybe a cute handbag or a clutch. It depends on you.

wedding dresses

The colors you can’t wear to a wedding

Definitely black – it’s sometimes OK to wear it, only when its a chosen theme wedding color. Other way, you should consider, you are going to the wedding not a funeral, you know )

White – because you know, it’s the main color of the wedding ceremony. The bride should wear a white wedding dress, not you.

Gold or other metallic colors. Well, it also depends on the bride’s chosen color. It was a trend before, but for now, just try to avoid these colors.

No, not the purple. I didn’t mean. I decided to use that color, because mostly bridesmaid dress colors are like this. So, I wanted to say, dont ever wear wedding dresses that are the same color as the bridesmaid dress. (Try to find out what they (she) are going to wear before you try to look for something for the wedding.)

Is it rude to wear red to a wedding?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with wearing a red outfit at a summer wedding.

It is just the fact that, if you are the only one, who decided to put that bright color on the ceremony, you will stand out from people more than the bride (lol).

And also, if you wanna be a part of some wedding pictures (you definitely want to), it’s gonna be a little weird in group photos only you wear a red dress or any other outfit with that color.

So, avoid the red as well. (There are some exceptions too)

Can you wear a floral dress to a wedding?

Yes, you can. Not only that, this is the easiest option to choose from those various wedding dresses. You can look for something more festive floral print dress.

It can be a satin dress too.

Imagine, what can be better than wearing a cute floral print dress for a summer wedding? Don’t ever think to miss that piece for the next wedding.

Can you wear jeans to a wedding?

Jeans are a piece of casual clothing and weddings are formal life events. So, wearing casual fashion outfits for formal ceremonies, should not be a good option for you.

Imagine, men don’t wear jeans at weddings. They are even trying to put on plaid pants. Because it’s just not right, so definitely avoid doing that.

Can you wear polka dots to a wedding?

Well, there is no rule for “not wearing polka dot printed clothes at a wedding”.

But mostly polka dots are used on white dresses and tops, so that’s going to another rule “Do not wear white at a wedding”.

In fact, there are various colors and prints you can choose from, so let’s put off it for other events you are going to.

Can you wear short dresses to a wedding?

Definitely, you can. When it comes to what to wear at a summer wedding, everything depends on you.

You can wear long or short dresses, there is nothing wrong with it.

On the other side, wearing a short dress looks so elegant.


What not to wear – summer dressing for wedding guest

First things first. Don’t wear casual pieces from your wardrobe at weddings. NEVER! There are not any exceptions to it.

Because no one would like to have a wedding ceremony based on casual style. So, never ever think about that.

Another thing that you don’t have to wear to a summer wedding, is distressed clothes or shoes. You will not look appropriate for the wedding at all.


Although animal prints are trending and stylish, they are not appropriate for weddings as well.

So, try to avoid wearing leopard print, snake print, or any other animal print clothes.


Formal dresses are an indivisible part of weddings.

But you need to be careful about choosing very sparkle dresses, that are more likely not wedding dresses, in fact, they are cocktail party dresses.

So, avoid wearing a shiny dress for your next wedding.

I know, it is so beautiful but you do not need to look like a bride at someone’s wedding 😀 Try other ways to stand out from people. I think this post will definitely help you.

When it comes to summer dressing for wedding guest, you may think about shorts and flip-flops (you may not ).

But don’t even try to use them to create summer wedding fashion outfits. Just DO NOT!

Don’t search for anything before you actually know where you are going.

I mean, there are weddings planned by people who have different tastes. You should always follow the dress code, always.

If the bride decides to have a bohemian wedding, you need to look for a bohemian dress.

Maybe the couple decided to have a wedding where all the people wear white, there have been such occasions before.

So, what I am trying to say is to always ask what is the wedding ceremony related to. Then you will know what to look for.

summer wedding ceremony people wearing white

I think that’s all for today. Do not forget to check similar summer wedding dresses I recommend here, on my Pinterest board. I will update it as soon as I find something new and beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

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