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Best Hair Scrunchie Hairstyles For All Types Of Hair

Best Hair Scrunchie Hairstyles For All Types Of Hair

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I love it when I am starting my post with the phrase “80’s fashion pieces are coming back to trend”. The same happens with hair scrunchie, they are trending again this year. So, I’ve decided to share some hair scrunchie hairstyles with you.

There are some people, who think it doesn’t need to have a tutorial. Because it’s easy to grab all of your hair and make it secure with a hair scrunchie. That’s it.

But there are also some people, who are interested in more cute and unique hairstyles. If you are the one, keep reading. Believe me, you’ll love it.

Make your ponytail hairstyle cuter

I’ve found a very useful video on Pinterest on how to make a ponytail. And also make it more unique with your favorite hair scrunchie. It looks so cute for every shape of the face.

You can either customize your hair scrunchie or use one that matches your hair color.

Use it for your bun

Yep. That’s the most common way girls are using hair scrunchie. You can use it regularly as well.

But, I wanna tell you something, ombre hair color works the best way for hair scrunchie hairstyles.

I am not saying you should now go out and change your hair color but what I am trying to say is that you are the lucky one if you already have the ombre hairstyle.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

So, about buns. You have some options to choose from. You can either wear it with a high, middle or low bun. That depends on your outfit.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

If you wear a casual outfit, a hair scrunchie works with high-bun hairstyles the best way. Additionally, a messy hairstyle makes your whole look comfier and chic.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

Put it on your braids

hair scrunchie hairstyles

Did you love it as much as I did? I think that’s the cutest way to wear a hair scrunchie with your hairstyles.

If you are not familiar with two braided piece hairstyles, you can use it to secure your long braid like it’s shown in the image below.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

I think this hairstyle looks very stylish. And also, you can wear it at your work office as well.

If you don’t have long hair, it’s not a problem at all. You can use hair scrunchie on very short hairstyles. Maybe it’s not the best for braided hairstyles but let me share the perfect option for you in the next tip.

Make your hair half up half down

Yeah, make your hair half up and half down. Then make it secure with your favorite hair scrunchie. And your hairstyle is ready to go.

This is the best option for women who have medium or short haircuts. Personally, I have very short hair and enjoy this hairstyle for everyday style.

Oh, and yeah, I remembered something.

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If you don’t wanna be so creative, use the simple way like me 😀

Just put the hair scrunchie on your little low-tail hairstyle. And you know what, however, it’s simple, it pairs so well with everyday outfits or with office outfits as well.

So, why you shouldn’t give it a try?!

hair scrunchie hairstyles

Half up half down bun hair scrunchie hairstyles

The last but not least, you can use this hairstyle for your lazy days. Simply make a messy bun but don’t fully tie it. Make some of your hair parts up, and some of them down and secure them with a hair scrunchie.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

Hair scrunchie hairstyles with scarves

My favorite hairstyle with scarves is to make it embedded with your hair parts. You can either do it with your braided, ponytail, or bun hairstyles. My personal choice is to use it for braided hairstyles.

It looks so pretty!

hair scrunchie hairstyles

That’s the one with a bun in your hair. It looks also pretty but it would pair with casual style outfits. Which feels comfier and gorgeous.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

You can also make a little cute bow on your hair bun. It’s easy to make and wear it. But don’t forget to secure your bun with a regular hairband and then use your scarf above.

That will make your hairstyle secure all day.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

Another way of wearing a “hair scarf” is to use it for your half up half down hairstyle. This one is perfect for summer festivals and pairs with bohemian style outfits very well.

hair scrunchie hairstyles

If you have curly hair, also try to use hair scrunchie hairstyles with a scarf. Because it looks more gorgeous with waved and curly hair.

I hope you found my post helpful. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. And you may wanna subscribe to my list to get an email once I publish new content, once a week.

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