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Unlock the Perfect Fit: How to Create a Plus Size Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Unlock the Perfect Fit: How to Create a Plus Size Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

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Today you are gonna discover a way to create a plus size business casual capsule wardrobe in three different color palettes.

That means, I’ve researched a lot and found clothes that fit well to the business casual dress code and you can choose them by your favorite color combination.

Or you can try all of them.

The only thing I can guarantee is that outfits that you will make from those pieces will look stylish and flattering on your body.

And also they will be appropriate for business casual attire.

Before we start, I want to share some exciting news! I wrote an e-book that helps women feel more confident by improving their outfits.

So, let’s get started!

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

I have 25 pieces for each color palette. So, you can wear them in so many different ways. And so you will receive tons of different business casual outfits and each of them will be different.

Not totally, but at least it will have something new in the look.

You will find out exactly what I mean by the end of the post. You just need to read this article to the end.

What does the capsule wardrobe mean

A capsule wardrobe is a way to make your wardrobe more sustainable. That means you will have only those things that you actually wear in the closet.

So, you won’t need to think for a half-hour about what to wear every day.

There are different types of capsule wardrobes.

It can be casual, classy, and so on depending on your daily routine. You can also build a capsule wardrobe by the season or your office dress code.

That’s what we are doing today. We are building a capsule wardrobe for a business casual dress code.

But the better thing is that all of these clothes are for plus-size women. So, you don’t have to worry about finding fitted clothes for the office.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links which means I will get some cents if you purchase the item from the retailer.

How many pieces you should have in the capsule wardrobe?

Your capsule wardrobe should have between 25-60 pieces. But it actually depends on the size of your closet and your needs.

I think 25 pieces are enough for a business casual capsule wardrobe because you will need to change up some things in it after some time.

And actually, it’s just a challenge for you. More pieces mean a harder challenge, so, I decided to go for the minimum. But believe me, it’s totally enough.

Business casual capsule wardrobe for plus-size women

Now, let’s start creating an actual capsule wardrobe for you.

As I already said, I chose 25 pieces for you (in one color palette). But if you already have similar clothes in your wardrobe, you can add more things for other pieces.

For example, if you think that you have enough blouses for work, you are just gonna need to get new pants. But for the best result, I want you to get all of those 25 pieces and start wearing them.

Now, at last, let me show what those 25 pieces are.

When we are talking about the business casual dress code, it’s always a better idea to choose a palette with neutral colors.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear prints. You can wear them, of course. But printed clothes should be around your color palette as well. That’s gonna be better.

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Palette 1

The first 25 pieces that I chose for you are in very neutral colors. Which starts from very light blue to dark brown colors. It contains cute pink and nude colors as well.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

I already said this a few times already but I have to repeat it.

All of those pieces are available in larger sizes, so if you are a plus size or chubby woman, that’s not a problem. You will find them in your size.

Remember this is the minimum amount of pieces that you can have in the wardrobe. But jewelry and other accessories (except handbags) are not counted in those 25.

So, it’s enough to wear different outfits every day for 3 months.

Let me show all 6 tops so that you know what are all the other pieces.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Tops short-sleeved sweater, a blue t-shirt with ruffles, draped top, a V-neck cotton tunic, knotted blouse, cami top with straps

As you can see, you have good choices between both comfier and elegant tops. But most importantly all of them are perfect pieces to create business casual outfits.

Let’s say, you purchased all of those 25 pieces, you can pair a blue top with both pants I shared above. Or you can pair black plaid pants with cream tops and put a blazer on top.

You can sometimes throw on a grey coat if it is cooler weather.

If you won’t be in a pants mood, you can change them to skirts or jeans. What I am trying to say is that you will have enough choices for work-appropriate, business casual looks.

For shoes, I chose 5 pairs for you. It will be enough unless you need (more) warmer boots.

There are booties, flats, mules, and loafers on the list. So, you have a pretty big choice here too.

It’s true, black is not in the current palette but I still contained it in the list because it will also pair with any of those items.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

ShoesKara Cap toe bootie, square toe mule, pointed toe flat, Dora shoe, snaffle loafers

I can’t tell you anything more about the palette and those pieces. I just want you to remember that ACCESSORIES ARE NOT COUNTED here.

And so, you have to always use some accessories for outfits. It won’t be hard because you have to stay simple and elegant for business casual attire.

You have handbags on the list but you don’t have jewelry, watches, belts, sunglasses etc. But you must pair them with some outfits.

I always love to say outfits without accessorizing are not completed. So, remember that and wear some cuties with your looks.

If you are not sure what a business casual dress code is, or just want to find some differences between it and smart casual, you can check out my article here. You will find tips that will help you to put together the perfect business casual outfit.

Palette 2

The next color palette is for someone like me, who enjoys wearing darker clothes.

Actually, as you already probably know darker colors make you look slimmer. So, as a plus-size woman, you may enjoy wearing them too.

This palette contains very light blue, grey, light brown, dark blue, and black colors.

All 25 pieces are in those colors. So, they pair perfectly together, besides how you mix and match them.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Since I had a pretty good choice of colors, I chose both, shirts and blouses for this color palette. But it doesn’t matter because anyway, they are great for plus-size business casual outfits.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Tops brown flowy shirt, ruffled top, cropped blouse in cream, blue peplum top, blue flowy blouse shirt, polka dot top

I have to say, I hate to mention different sizes or ages when I am writing an article. But I have to. So, forgive me for mentioning plus size too many times.

In fact, fashion is for everyone. Neither age nor size matters for styling outfits. This is just a phrase that we call. Everyone is beautiful in their own bodies.

But it’s also true that styling with different ways for different body shapes, works the best way, for everyone.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Pants Asos tie waist pants, cropped linen pants, wide-leg cropped pants

For shoes, I also tried to choose them so that you would have all types of shoes with this palette as well.

There are flats, stiletto heels (which are not too high), block heels, and booties. So, you can pair them either with a skirt, classy pants, or jeans.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Shoes lace-up shoes, Calvin Klein pumps, block-heeled pumps, ankle boots, ballerina flats

A few examples of outfits that you can wear from this color palette: You can wear black wide-leg pants with this cream-cropped blouse, throw on a black suede jacket, and wear any of these handbags with them.

Block heels will be a good choice for this specific outfit. And don’t forget accessories, like sunglasses or a bold necklace which will pair with this square neck top perfectly.

Another outfit that you can wear from those 25 pieces is the look with a black ruffled top, a blue pleated skirt, Calvin Klein pumps, a tote bag, and stiletto heels. You can also put on a blazer for layering.

You can find more outfit ideas for plus size women, in the smart casual dress code in my older article. So, you can check it out after reading this one as well.

So, as you can see, it’s easy to pair new business casual outfits every day. All the more so, when you have all pieces already ready to put together.

Palette 3

For this palette, I decided to add some colors. But these colors are also simple and neutral so they won’t ruin anything.

You will just have a few more solid colors to create more interesting business casual outfits.

You can find tops, blazers, and shoes with bigger images to know what are other pieces that are not on the main template.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

For tops, you have short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved shirts, and one long-sleeved lightweight sweater. But you can change some pieces with other tops depending on your needs and season.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Tops polo style t-shirt, embroidery t-shirt, plus v-neck long-sleeved top, back knot hem striped top, jet-set shirt

But I decided to add a few more blazers to this color palette. Because they are so trending right now. Especially, oversized blazers, which are perfect for plus-size women.

They help you to hide some extra kilos in them. And also they look amazing when you use them as a layer with skinny jeans, skirts or pants.

One outfit (example) that you can create from those pieces is the look with skinny jeans, an embroidery top, one of the blazers, and one of those shoes (because they all will go with this outfit).

You will add some accessories and you are gonna have an awesome business casual outfit for the work.

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Blazers oversized boyfriend blazer, oversized tie blazer, green oversized boyfriend blazer, check blazer

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

Shoesblock heel pumps, pointed toe pumps, quilted square toe mules, booties with cut out, bow mule flats

These shoes are very comfortable but in case you want to find the most comfortable shoes for standing all day, you can check out my previous article on my blog.

Also if you need to get a new cheaper designer handbag that you will use every day, you can also check out another article.

You are going discover bags from designers that are expensive but still affordable, and most importantly they are long-lasting. So, they are worth investing money in.

I think that’s all I wanted to share today. Please, don’t forget to share your thoughts about the article. Tell me which color palette you prefer and why.

Also, let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Do you have any questions that I can write an article for? Send me a message on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Share the pin if you liked the post! I’ll appreciate that!

plus size business casual capsule wardrobe

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