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Here’re Quick Ways on How to Wear a Hoodie With Long Hair

Here’re  Quick Ways on How to Wear a Hoodie With Long Hair

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Have you ever think about how to wear a hoodie with long hair?

Currently, I don’t have long hair but I heard a lot of girls were struggling with the problem. So, I decided to share clever ways to wear a hoodie when you have long hair.

Actually why it is a struggle? Imagine long hair landed on the back while the top has a hat. It looks weird when you have draped hair all over your hoodie. That way neither your hair nor hoodie look good.

But here are exceptions which you are gonna find out in a second.

Many girls already decided that it doesn’t look good to wear a hoodie when their hair is long. Partly that’s true.

But wait! I have some cool ways that is gonna fix this problem for you.

I mentioned an exception above. That’s having a thick hair.

What does that mean? If you have thick long hair, you should wear hoodie without any problem. It looks beautiful when you let your hair hang on your back. Because thicker hair creates fewer clings over your hoodie.

So, it looks OK. No, not OK, in fact sometimes it looks like a waterfall on your back.

Now, let’s talk about long hair which doesn’t look very good with hoodie.

The first option to wear a hoodie with long untied hair is to pull all your hair forward. Divide it into two parts and get them stayed on your chest. You can either leave your hoodie on your back or put it on your head. Both look great!

how to wear a hoodie with long hair
Image source: Pinterest

The next one is the one that I used to use when I had longer hair. I used to simply leave my hair inside the hoodie. Personally, I was feeling OK!

But I am sure many people can’t stand having hair inside the top. I totally understand that. By the way, you can wear a sleeveless basic top underneath the hoodie so that you are not gonna have hair touching your skin.

Another way, you can style your long hair so that you pull your hair on one side and leave it over your shoulders. This looks very feminine. Try it and tell me if you feel comfy this way.

how to wear a hoodie with long hair
Image source: Pinterest

I understand that you may love wearing your hair untied all the time (like me), but when it comes to hoodies, it’s better to either choose one of the ways I’ve shared above or find a comfy hairstyle for you.

How to style long hair while wearing a hoodie?

Do a ponytail

how to wear a hoodie with long hair
Image source: Pinterest

You can wear a hoodie with your hair up. The first option is to do a ponytail on your hair. It’s a very trending hairstyle and with a hoodie, it’s gonna be just perfect.

You can make a little bun

Image source: Pinterest

Don’t you love these messy buns that girls wear?

I personally love it. They look so cute on every woman. And fortunately, it’s another hairstyle that you can style for a hoodie outfit.

This is gonna be a perfect college outfit.

Oh, in case you want to discover more back to school outfits for college, check out my latest article here.

Do a side braid

Braided hairstyles look very feminine. The combination of braids and hoodie will be so interesting.

You can try wearing two braids hanging over your shoulders.

You can try both ways because they both work for outfits with hoodies.

Another cute hairstyle that you should try with a hoodie is two french braids that will be tied in a little bun. I love this hairstyle the most. It looks so cute.

Accessorize the hairstyle with a headband

I mentioned a bun already. But this one is a bit different.

Use a headband over your bun. It looks so awesome.

By the way, this hairstyle will look great with hoodie outfits. That’s because it looks more casual than classy. So, it will be a perfect combination.

You can also use a hair scrunchie instead of a headband. Check out my article to find some cute hair scrunchie hairstyles as well.

Fake bob

Have you already about it? If you have long hair you can easily do that hairstyle on your hair.

If you don’t know what I am talking about check out this from Pinterest. It will help you to easily create a fake bob hairstyle on your own hair.

how to wear a hoodie with long hair
Image source: Pinterest

Put a scarf between your hair and your hoodie

If you want to have fewer tangles in your hair while you are wearing a hoodie, you can put a scarf over your hoodie. It’ll help you to have a more smooth look in your hair because it will have fewer drapes on your back.

Half-up bun

how to wear a hoodie with long hair
Image source: Pinterest

Another hairstyle that you can wear with a hoodie outfit is the half-up bun. These two also gonna look great together. This will be a cute casual outfit that you can go with anywhere.

And last but not least (it’s not a hairstyle but…) you can and you should wear a cap with a hoodie.

So, first put your cap on your head and then put a hoodie over it. This looks so chic and modern. And actually, it is the look that you can also wear everywhere.

There is another tip that I want to share.

I hope, you know that accessorizing outfits is very important. When you wear a hoodie and your hair tied up, you have an empty space on your neckline and face. It’s a perfect time to wear earrings. It doesn’t only make your outfit look more interesting but also makes you look stylish.

I created a poll in a group full of fashionistas like you to find and share actual ways of how women with long hair wear hoodies.

The results were not surprising to me.

Check out poll results by yourself.

As you can see most women in the group decided that moving all their hair to the chest works the best.

The next most voted thing as you can see is the answer “It’s not a problem for me”. That’s great but I guess they don’t have that long hair. Women who have medium or short hair wouldn’t find anything wrong with wearing a hoodie.

So, there are many possible ways to try. I recommend you try each of them and find the comfiest one for you.

I hope my article will help you to style your long hair with a hoodie so that you are gonna look great and you are gonna feel comfy in your outfit as well.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to find more outfit ideas.

how to wear a hoodie with long hair

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