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How to Wear a Blazer With a Collared Shirt for Women

How to Wear a Blazer With a Collared Shirt for Women

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I know people think it’s weird to wear a blazer with a collared shirt. They think it looks robotic and not good in general.

But the thing is, if you know what you are doing and how you are doing, that’s not right at all.

I wanna tell them, you are wrong. You can have a modern, stylish look with a collared shirt and a blazer. Just make sure to follow the right tips.

And guess what, I’ve gathered the best of them here for you.

Choose The Right Blazer First

Your Blazer Should Be The Short But Long Enough

What I mean by that is that you have to make sure your blazer is shorter than your body. But it should cover half part of your butt or even the whole area of it.

This is the perfect length of blazer that you can wear at the office for corporate meetings or on regular working days.

But if your office rules are not that strict and you are able to wear jeans, here is the exception for the length of your blazer. In this case, you can wear a longer boyfriend blazer.

It’s a more casual style and it creates more modern, stylish outfits.

how to wear a blazer with a collared shirt

Make It Different From Your Suit

That’s the most eye-catching detail of your outfit. Not only me but also many stylists think, wearing matching suits and blazers doesn’t look very good.

It’s the way more strict and classy look and if you wonder about my opinion, sometimes it really looks robotic.

Well, some women need to wear outfits like that. In that case, the best option is to wear the same color but a different fabric or style of pants with a classy blazer.

It may be grey, blue, black, or white colors. Only when it’s required by your office rules, but if not, it’s OK to try the more unique color suit and blazer sets.

Try Different Patterns & Fabrics

It’s almost the same as the previous tip, but that’s also very important to follow. You don’t have to be afraid to try all the patterns starting from stripes to checks. And also fabrics like velvet, cotton, blend, or linen.

Now, let me answer the question you are here for.

If you want to see more outfit ideas with blazers, you can check out my article. It’s the guide to finding out how to wear a blazer for an interview.

So, it’s a good place to start discovering some classy outfit ideas with a blazer.

How To Wear A Blazer With A Collared Shirt

Your Pullover Will Do The Best Job For You

Yes, the most unique and comfy way to wear a blazer with a collared shirt is to put your favorite, simple print pullover or long sleeve top above the collared shirt. And then put your blazer on after them.

You can wear the outfit at office meetings or even the casual events you planned. The outfit is perfect for spring, autumn, and winter weather as well.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

Wear Them With A Tie

Since the blazer and shirt are for classy office outfits, adding a tie to the shirt should be a great idea.

First, because it makes you look professional, second, ties are the perfect option for shirts and thirdly because ties are well relative to the blazer and shirt as well.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

Use Shirt Buttons As You Like

Shirts have buttons all the way down or only have them on the chest and the neck part. You can close all of the buttons to the collar and put a shirt collar out from your blazer.

Or you can close buttons to your bust and make your neck show a better silhouette.

Put your blazer above, pair it with classy pants and you are done. Additionally, you can add a necklace.

Believe me, that doesn’t look robotic at all. It looks classy and stylish.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

Another thing is, whether the collar shirt buttons will be open or not doesn’t matter as much as the blazer buttons. Always try to have a blazer open, always. Without any exceptions.

There is no way that a fully tied blazer looks well with anything. Maybe only part of your buttons can be closed, another way just forget it!

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

Tucking Is The Ultimate Action To Do

I am saying this because really it works with every outfit or look you are trying to make.

And also it’s the one way to wear a blazer with a collared shirt that will be tucked into your pants.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

It looks perfect! And you don’t need to worry about anything. Yep! <3

Accessories Will Help A Lot As Well

Now, what can you do when you wear a blazer with a collared shirt? There are some things you can do.

First and the most useful thing is that you can wear satin or another fabric scarf over your shirt, but not on the blazer. Some people can’t decide whether to put a collar in or out of clothes (I do have an answer on it below, as well).

So, there is a solution. Put the scarf on the shirt and then put on the blazer. Your outfit is more than ready already!

That’s not everything you can do with scarves. You can even create cute hair scrunchie hairstyles with it.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

As you can see the outfit looks classy and is perfect for the office. So, try to follow the tip and enjoy yourself.

The second thing you can do is what I already mentioned above. Try to make your look unique with the right pieces of jewelry.

They work the best way with half-closed buttons on the shirt. When your neckline is more shown than hidden.

So, you can make it more beautiful with your favorite necklace.

It can be a statement, pendant, or beaded necklace. But you may need to avoid chain necklaces if it isn’t very thin and simple. Because chain necklaces are not very good with a classy outfit.

So, just try to avoid them as much as you can.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

Additionally, you can hold a handbag and wear a pretty watch. Accessorize your outfit as much as you can. Make it more unique, modern, and good-looking.

Should Women’s Blouse Collars Be In Or Out Of The Suit

There is not a MUST answer to this. It just has explanations and there are some methods that you can use.

The thing is that it’s more modern for you to wear collars of your shirt inside the blazer, especially if your blazer has lapels. Because it stays there without any problems.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

But you can put your blouse collars out of the suit only when it has more like a stand-up collar. So that, your neckline silhouette still looks well-shaped.

wear a blazer with a collared shirt

So, my advice would be to first choose the perfect blazer for you and then you can decide whether to leave the collar in or out. As I also mentioned it also depends on your shirt as well.

So think more before you purchase a new thing for your wardrobe.

Since it’s a pandemic situation around the world, you can go shopping online, without going outside. Because you need to stay safe for now.

But if you need to buy a new shirt, blazer or something for your wardrobe here are 14 trusted online stores for women’s clothing.

These websites are worth your time and money. Amazon is not on the list, but you probably already know it’s the most reliable online store for shopping.

Thanks for visiting! Stay safe and healthy <3

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