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How to Style Embroidered Blouses – Get Them With Flash Sales

How to Style Embroidered Blouses – Get Them With Flash Sales

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I think it’s rare that someone doesn’t like this adorable embroidered print on clothes. There are various types of prints and outfits you can make with them.

That’s why I decided to share some ideas about how to style embroidered blouses for spring and summer.

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials. Other than blouses you can find this print almost on any type of clothing. Starting from caps to sneakers.

Yeah, you can really find them even on shoes, and if you wonder I am in love with them as well. But for today, let’s talk about only blouses.

What are the best things you can wear with embroidered blouses? Let’s find out together!

What to wear with embroidered blouses

With everything denim

Embroidered blouses pair with denim so well. It doesn’t matter if you wear ripped, skinny, mommy, or classy jeans. It looks with everything denim, even with the oversized denim jacket.

By the way, I have a post about how to wear an oversized denim jacket in summer, for you to read after this one. Go check it out as well!

how to style embroidered blouses

I mentioned everything denim and so, jean shorts aren’t an exception either.

More than that, this outfit is perfect for summer.

The best way you can wear them both together is to tuck them into your shorts. You should pair them with cute sandals, and add sunglasses and a fedora as accessories.

how to style embroidered blouses

Embroidered blouses with bohemian outfits

If you are more like a boho lover you can use embroidered blouses to create awesome outfits.

If you have a bohemian style skirt or pants, you should definitely try them together. Another way, regular, everyday style khaki trousers is another great option for you.

You can accessorize the outfit with a little round crossbody bag. And yeah, don’t forget the jewelry.

how to style embroidered blouses

Wear them with light colors

The embroidered print has more feminine vibes.

So, don’t mix things up by adding dark clothes to the outfit. You don’t wanna have a gothic look (lol). White bottoms are a must with this print.

Make your outfit chic with white skinny jeans (or shorts). For shoes, wedges are a good choice.

how to style embroidered blouses

Try a transparent blouse with embroidered print

Transparent tops are getting more and more trending every year. I think you shouldn’t miss wearing them. You can try them with black jeans and a skirt as well.

Make the outfit with overalls and embroidered blouses

If you are looking for a more modern and unique outfit idea with an embroidered top, you should try it overall. Pairing them with your favorite sneakers is the next thing you should do.

Wear a cute fedora hat to complete the look.

how to style embroidered blouses

You know a leather jacket is the ultimate piece, right?

I really think the leather jacket is a must wardrobe piece for every woman. Because it’s possible to wear it with almost everything. So are the embroidered tops.

The leather jacket and that beautiful print top look perfect together. And wearing a leather jacket in spring is the best choice for you.

Sometimes it’s also great to wear an embroidered leather jacket with a regular top. It can be simple but also very stylish. Make it look more impressive by wearing high heels with them.

Make it classy if needed

If your everyday style requires you to wear classier outfits, do so. Embroidered blouses look also perfect with classy pants. Or, to have a more different look pair them with wide-leg pants.

You know that they are more than trending for now, right? Decide which one is your favorite and wear it with these pretty tops.

how to style embroidered blouses

Embroidered blouses for sale

I am happy if you already got ideas on how to style embroidered blouses in Spring and Summer.

Now, let me help you to get some awesome tops that are on sale right now. Those are flash sales, so if you’ll like any of them, make sure to purchase them (click on the images) as soon as possible, so that you can buy them at a cheaper price.

Affiliate disclaimer: Maridfashion is a member of some affiliate programs, which means I will get a penny or two if you purchase the item from the link. I appreciate it if you do <3

Well, I don’t know what to say about the top. I am speechless, lol.

Really, I fell in love with this embroidered top. It’s transparent, so it’s trending. It’s black so it’s easy to pair with anything. So, I think that’s a good start on the list.

And don’t forget it’s on sale for now.

The second variation of the embroidered top is perfect for classy outfits that you can wear at the office. And it’s perfect for spring. On SALE now )

how to style embroidered blouses
River Island on Asos

If you are looking for a more unique embroidered top I think that’s the perfect option for you. It looks very pretty with its uncommon green color tone.

Wearing the top with a black skirt or skinny jeans would be an awesome idea.

how to style embroidered blouses
Free People

I mentioned boho outfits with an embroidered top and this top is perfect for them. If you wanna create some bohemian looks, try this top.

Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit with boho jewelry.

how to style embroidered blouses
Free People

Pretty and pleated top featured in an embroidered, perfect for both spring and summer outfits. I think any outfit you create will look so chic with this one.

Additionally, you can wear it as a coverup at the beach. Awesome, right?

how to style embroidered blouses
Urban Outfitters

If you love those feminine, little floral prints there you go. I found the perfect embroidered top that is also very easy to pair with something.

If high waisted jeans are an inseparable part of your wardrobe, you should try wearing them together by tucking the blouse into the jeans.

Unfortunately, It’s not on SALE, because it’s very affordable anyway.

C o n c l u s i o n :

I hope you find my article helpful and you find out some ideas on how to style embroidered blouses. If so, share the article with your friends.

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and check out more interesting posts.

Thank you for reading! <3

how to style embroidered blouses

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