Top Fashion Trends 2020 Spring – Runway

Fashion Trends

Now, when the new 2020 just already started you need to know the newest fashion trends to follow. I don`t mean you need to take items from the runway, but at least you will know some trending things. Ok, so let`s just get into it.

Crochet Patterned Clothes

Crochet is getting more and more popular in 2020. The thing means that when someday we were laughing at our grandmothers about their creative ideas made from crochet, now fashion runways approve that we did very bad. Yeah, that seems little amusing but old fashion trends are coming up nowadays. But for now, crochet clothes are the one which is a trend for Spring 2020. And you know what, that`s pretty awesome news for people who follows fashion trends, because, I can say, crochet lasts forever. 

Shinning Colors Means A Lot

In 2020 all fashion designers, starting from Tom Ford to Christopher John Rogers agree that highlighter-inspired colors are another big trend in 2020. So, if you have something fluoro pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow in your wardrobe and you didn`t use it for some reason before, now you have the one to get them out from there. Don`t be scared to wear those shining colors as often as you wish.

Feather Details

“When it comes to eveningwear, as much as the world is wont to convince you, sometimes a little black dress just won’t do. Enter: boldly feathered frocks and tops from Burberry, Valentino, Attico, and more. While almost certainly light as air, these ensembles pack a heavy sartorial punch.”-Bazaar saying.

Leather Is Not Only For FALL

Yeah, actually my title of this section is already saying everything. Wearing leather clothes in the fall was so popular that everyone was wearing them all over the world. But in 2020, you should get ready to purchase something leather. No matter it`s a jacket or dress, anything you want. Just make sure that you have the one leather piece in your wardrobe. 

Wide Collar 

Fashion designers showed modernized wide collar details on their Spring runway 2020. That means, cut out or v-neck tops or jackets are the things you need to get a bit away in your closet.

fashion trends

Not the crop top – Actually The BRA

Crop tops were very popular in Summer 2019 but already for 2020 designers decided that cropping is not enough and wearing bra-top is a big trend you need to follow. I think adding the beautiful bra to a high waist skirt makes an awesome summer outfit.

Polka Dots From the 60s

Another trend coming from history is polka dot printed clothes. The innovative duo that is Dries Van Noten and Christian Lacroix found the place for the polka dot on the maxi skirt-and-simple tank pairing, topped off with the head feather, while Balmain embraced volume for the enchanting print, and Wes Gordon at Carolina Herrera went fitted, the ’90s, and sheer for one of his takes on dots.

fashion trends
fashion trends

Those fashion trends are coming directly from runways. But if you wanna know more I have another post about fashion trends. Check it out here!

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