Shein Plus Size Dresses Review

Shein is an online clothing store for women, at very affordable prices. I`ve seen many people who go shopping to Aliexpress or eBay to pay less and still get clothes from them. But the thing and the problem with those companies, especially for Aliexpress, they take forever to get purchased items. But that does not happen with Shein. Because you will definitely receive your order within two weeks and you will get the desired quality. And today I share their plus size dresses review with you.

The one big plus of Shein is that they have big size clothing for curvy girls. Today, I am gonna show you some beautiful Shein plus size dresses which you love to have in your wardrobe.

SHEIN Plus Guipure Lace Sleeve Dress

The best part of the dress is that it has a skinny waist, which helps you to show off your tight waist and hide some extra kilograms. This dress is stretch material and that means it goes exactly on your body as it should. On Shein, you can see some customer reviews about the dress. As I already research those, I can tell you that if you decide to buy this you will get what you actually ordered, exactly as it is shown in the picture.

SHEIN Plus Wrap Ruched Detail Dress

This is another my favorite dress from Shein. Very sexy, good quality plus size dress which has almost a thousand reviews and most of them loved it. We hear that every woman has to have a little black dress so that`s it. But if you are looking for more then black you have the option to choose the burgundy color as well. Ruched details hide your large waist and make you thinner.

Plus Size Dresses review

Plus Size Leopard Print Drawstring Waist Dress

If you are looking for a more casual style dress here you go. I found this beautiful, good quality casual leopard print dress on Shein. And can you guess how much it is for? Just 17$ – yeah, I was amazed when I was finding products on shein.They are really very affordable. Here you can see one review of the customer who already got the dress.

Plus Size Dresses review

That`s only a few pieces from their website. You can check more on

If you are interested in seeing posts like this one, let me know the brand name in the comments. Let`s create another plus size dresses review 🙂

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