7 Essential Wardrobe Hacks for Small Spaces

wardrobe hacks

Have you ever had enough space for your clothing items? I never do (lol). So, after researching a lot, today I`m gonna share useful wardrobe hacks to keep extra space in your wardrobe.

Easy But Useful Wardrobe Hacks

As a fashion lover, you would have many clothes that maybe you are not even wearing but you just love them. But those extra pieces need space in your wardrobe. And a small wardrobe can often be the reason for a huge mess at home. If you are in a problem like this, let me share some tips and tricks about how you can organize your desired wardrobe and have more space for more lovely things.

Always keep your unseasonal outfits out from your wardrobe 

You can`t even imagine, how many pieces you have in your wardrobe and you haven`t worn them even once this year. So, you know what? You can rearrange seasonal outfits. In case you found something you haven`t used just get rid of it (you can even sell them and make money). 

Make things you are using every day more accessible

You have to organize your wardrobe so the items you are using often (jeans, shirts, comfy sweaters) are the most accessible. Other pieces of clothes can be hidden away a bit in your wardrobe area. That way you will have more extra space to gather all your frequent outfit pieces together. What, will help you to find those faster and be ready quickly.

Hang your shoes and scarves from rails

If you decide to order your custom wardrobe, don`t forget to ask them to add some rails on your wardrobe door. Scarves and shoes are very easy to organize with them. You can drape shoes with S cuts, scarves and belts by circling them through, and pieces of jewelry by clasping them around the rail.

Use your wardrobe top for extra but useful things

Sooner or later, you will definitely run out of space. I`ve seen a lot of people are not using the wardrobe top section the right way. Do you remember my first tip? Keeping unseasonal things from the closet. And that`s where you can keep them. You can use baskets or shoe boxes to storage unseasonal things above your wardrobe (like shown on the image below).

This one seems very extra from other wardrobe hacks. But before discovering this, I didn’t even remember that my wardrobe has pretty large space above.

wardrobe hacks

How to keep accessories

After using every space inside of your wardrobe, you can one more place for organizing your accessories. Yeah, that`s the side outside of your closet which is easy to access. You can add custom hangers or shelves on it and then use them to hang up your jewelry, belts or other everyday essentials.

Hang clothes vertically

If you are lucky and your wardrobe is tall enough, you can use the space to hang up shirts or sweaters vertically. You can use cheap metal chain or soda drinks can pulls to have more hangers instead of one.

wardrobe hacks

Know how to keep your shoes to have more space

For me personally, clothes are not so difficult to organize while I am already using those tips. But when it comes to shoes I was struggling to find a way to keep my shoes in my closet but finally, after researching I got the solution. The best way is to put your shoe side by side but one facing outwards & the other one inwards.

wardrobe hacks

Actually I found other amazing ideas for wardrobe hacks on Pinterest. You would definitely find them helpful. Between, if you wonder what your wardrobe items symbolize check out the very interesting post here.

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